Hi, I'm Ihsan.
I'm a design consultant & photographer, living & working in Amsterdam.

Hi, I’m Ihsan.

I'm a designer, photographer & problem-solver based in Amsterdam. I was born in Brunei and I'm British (a former Londoner) and have lived in 7 countries and have explored over 20. I'm a third culture kid with a distinct world view over all matters from design to world politics.

I provide conceptual design, web design, photography, online campaign marketing & brand consultancy services.

My goal is to create great online experiences and craft memorable brands.

Over 10 years agency experience

I’ve designed, built, networked & programmed computers for the greater part of 27 years and I’m kinda smitten with all this tech and digital stuff. Go figure I spend all my free time reading about it too.

I’ve worked with various design agencies across London including BPL Marketing, Jinnee and award-winning agency - The Team, before moving on to providing consulting services at Moet Hennessy Europe and now freelance consultancy.

That means I’m pretty meta at a lot thing such as:



I originally self-taught design/programming & photography and later on went on to confirm what I already knew by obtaining a Diploma in Photography at Central St. Martins (University of Arts), a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Communication Technology (ICT) in London. I furthered my education with a Masters in Digital Design at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA).

Hobbies and Interests

Travelling, photography, badminton, mountaineering, cinema and general tech-nerdery.

Thanks for your time,


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