Hi, I'm Ihsan. I'm a digital designer living & working in Amsterdam.

Ihsan Yahya

I'm a digital designer and photographer with over 10 years experience. I specialise in User Interface and Experience Design, but I'm also accomplised at Conceptual Design, Photography, Online Campaign Marketing & Brand Development.

I’ve worked with design agencies in London including BPL Marketing, Jinnee and award-winning agency - The Team, before evolving to provide design consulting services at Moet Hennessy Europe and now I provide freelance design services in Amsterdam.

Originally self-taught design/programming & photography, I went on to hone my skills with a Diploma in Photography at Central St. Martins (University of Arts), a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Communication Technology (ICT) in London. I pursued my passion for design further garnering a Masters in Digital Design at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA).

Hobbies and Interests
In my free time, I like travelling, photography, badminton, mountaineering, cinema and general tech-nerdery.

Get in contact with me at info@ihsan.design

My goal is to create
great experiences.

My obsession is tackling complexity and engineering elegant solutions.

And my passion is to
craft memorable identities.