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Client requirements

Entremet needed a brand that reflected the vibrant, colourful and fun look of the deserts. So I developed a brand and brand code that would be reference the character of the french namesake dessert (entremets) whilst at the same time encapsulate the modern spirit of these fun cakes.

Introducing the rainbow gradient

Like the beautiful hues of the entremets, last year in October 2018, I introduced the rainbow gradient as a background for mobile phone wallpapers. The rainbow gradient motif was a subtle nod at the gay-friendly nature of his business and would later be used on a flag in front of his cafe in the summer, in time for 2019 summer Pride.

Brand development

Here's the brand deck used to sell Goos on the concept for his Cafe identity.

Art-deco meets millennial

Goos, the proprietor added his interpretation to the cakes with the 'cube' and 'pill' shapes, this stark modern interpretation of the cakes, I would intermingle with the classic art-deco styles apparent in my choice of fonts and geometric shapes. I would incorporate these brand codes into the designs of the launch posters and leaflets. It was a fine balance to achieve - a sense of retro-chic with  thoroughly millennial sensibilities.

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