Ryan Aquino Life Coach

Ryan Aquino Life Coach
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Ryan Aquino Life Coach

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Ryan needed an online presence to market his life coaching services.

The Design Process

The process starts with getting to know Ryan & his business.

Brand Development

Ryan Aquino Life Coach is a one-to-one interaction based service. Ryan works directly coaching his clients and therefore the challenge is to convey Ryan's personality as much as possible through his brand, to give the potential client an understanding of what it might be like to work with him. This involved conducting multiple interviews with Ryan to understand who he was, what he's like to work with and what drives him.

There's the common affinity with developing a growth mindset in his business and Ryan's strength is in his fondness of nature and plants. Using plants as a concept to symbolise health, growth and all things natural is a theme that might seem very commonly drawn from but is surprisingly less commonly accessed as a theme by his counterparts. And thus it formed the basis as a concept to explore, along with the growth of plants, seeds were also explored as the genesis of growth.

Research and empathising

I performed a competitors analysis to find out what others in his industry are doing. How they've tailored their services and what messaging was important to his potential clients.

UI/UX Testing

I quickly developed wireframes of his website to be able to test the user journeys and to make sure the content fit well and was appropriate. We tested on several candidates to ensure it was intuitive. This is done before any visual creative was provided so as to keep the focus purely on the user journeys and information architecture before the aesthetics has an opportunity to distract from these core functions.

Multi-iteration graphic design

His logo and identity design was achieve by working closely with Ryan to ensure that as well as serving his market, it was important that he could personally identity with it. The visuals based on the plants growing concept proved strongest and was ultimately chosen as a metaphor for what growth his clients could expect.


I arranged the photoshoot on location in his home, as well as online, Ryan provides coaching from his home so it directly informs and conveys to the clients, the comfortable and conducive environment for personal growth and development.

Block-chain secured website

Ryan's website was designed, prototyped and built with Webflow and hosted using the cutting edge of secure online hosting as a block-chain secured Internet Computer (ICP) website.

Webflow allows for visual development of the website with intricate user interactions and animations possible but the code generated is then refined in Visual Studio code and version tracked  via GitHub.

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