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The brief

Three Mobile briefed our team to create product landing pages and user journeys for guiding the purchasing process of various of their product lines including mobile handsets & mobile broadband.

Complex UI design

Purchasing a mobile phone is probably one of the most complex purchasing decisions that a consumer can make, and thus one of the most daunting. It requires the user to make many decisions such as deciding on a suitable contract, duration, deciding on handsets or other devices and flows into payment gateways. In a in-store retail environment there are sales assistants that help guide you through the process and we mimic that service via an online chat assistant. But most of the buying process online is steered by a clear user journey that takes into account multiple entry-points and introducing large amounts of information at the right time and place.

Our key goals

Because of such complexity, user journeys are fraught with abandoned shopping carts from users changing their minds, or perhaps just doing exploratory window shopping and price comparison.

Our job was to make the user journey as friction free, informative and attractive as possible, in as few as steps as possible whilst balancing this with the considerations for what front-end data-binding was efficient, through a complex back-end database and application supported by their development team.

High-fidelity wireframing

Turnaround times for the design work was tight, which is often the case for high-volume campaign driven marketing. And thus it would become expedient to design wireframes in high-fidelity.

Being high-fidelity also makes presenting these layouts to the key stakeholders simpler, leaving less for business execs and product managers to have to imagine. Also, much of the UI work is aimed at illustrating new ways to present the information with visual elements and devices such as roundels, flags, panel styles, side panel content, tabulated navigation, CTA's and other typographic design of live text.

Mobile based landing page
Plan selection as step 2
Plan summary page


Our designs would be evaluated before approval and then tested on their live systems via A/B or multi-variant testing. A/B testing was more common with our new user flows being tested in comparison to their existing user journeys.

The results

Our new design flows would often prove more effective, beating previous rates such as for click-through, conversion and dropped carts.


Whilst most of our user journeys for product landing pages proved successful with our new iterations of our designs making it past staging servers onto the live site, there was one interesting case of implementation of an A/B test comparing a single full-width panel hero section vs a 2-panel 2/3rd & 1/3rd panel design.

Preview of the full-width hero section panel with tabular footer
2 panelled design with 2/3 hero panel and MPU side-panel

Hick's law and the paradox of choice

The results from the testing concluded that the single panel design delivered higher click-through rates than the split panel design. Perhaps this can be attributed to Hick's law and the paradox of choice.

Hick's Law states that the more stimuli (or choices) users face, the longer it will take them to make a decision and perhaps explains for the lower click-through rates. Whilst the Paradox of choice (Barry Schwartz) states that the more options you present the user, the harder it becomes for the user to make a decision and sometimes even prevents the user from being able to make any decision at all, hence the paradox.
Design to production

We created all elements of the design from the multi-variant UI design proposals, for the homepages, to landing pages and summary pages, all the graphics to the page previews and to the final production assets. These source files would be generated in Photoshop and therefore we were able to provide pixel-perfect sliced asset files for a vastly efficient workflow.

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