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GBA Website

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Client requirements

Gay Badminton Amsterdam (GBA) needed a website to inform & recruit potential members to the badminton club.

I recognised that beyond needing a new website, there was an opportunity to overhaul GBA's entire online strategy to better serve the club. This would mean taking a wholistic look at GBA's brand, marketing, PR and communications to help drive recruitment & increase brand loyalty.

Case study

I've created a set of brief UX design process videos to explain my  process in creating the GBA website.

For the purposes of this case study, I’ve restricted the focus to just the website design UI & UX. The solution needed to be cost effective whilst able to support a unique brand as well as be flexible enough to enable e-commerce functionality in the future.

The solution I proposed was to go with a simple bespoke website. This enabled me to have full control of the site design and functionality whilst keeping cost down.

GBA Brand values

GBA is all about diversity. It has to be recognisable and accessible to all of the LGBTQI+ community as well as friends of that community. The temptation in working with LGBTQI+ brands is to over-play the rainbow motif, which speaks of a very informal, playful narrative.

This is something I wanted to avoid as it could potentially alienate some of the community. The solution was to incorporate the rainbow colours, albeit subtly via a rainbow pinstripe at the top of the website. This serves as an accent colour to lift the clean uncluttered white panel that sits above the content fold and will be present throughout all GBA marketing material.

The result

Coupled with the website re-builds, GBA's membership has more than doubled and the club is now in a position of being over-subscribed with a long waiting list of potential members. The club's priority remains to ensure a great quality experience for all its members and will look towards expanding further to be able to accommodate the additional demand.

Additional resources
Mobile site preview
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Newsletter sample
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